ribbon (I used grosgrain and velvet from M&J Trimming and Michael’s.)




tacks, short nails or brads


fabric glue

boxes (I used super cheap boxes from Michael’s, two of which I painted a neutral gray/taupe color.)

optional: foam, wire cutters
1. Clean each box top, and using your pencil and ruler, sketch out the line shape you’d like your ribbons to follow. (I used Pinterest and standard Google image searches to look for ribbon border patterns I liked.)
2. Measure the lengths and cut your ribbon segments to size.
3. Using a nail and hammer, gently tap holes into the spots where you’ll be attaching your ribbons to the box source.
4. Using small dots of fabric glue, lay out the ribbons in your desired pattern, press gently and let them dry.
5. Using your pins/brads/tacks/nails, tap them into the box. I felt the nail hole through the ribbon and then with one swift hit, nailed them into place.
6. If you’re using nails, you can use a wire cutter to snip the ends off the nails on the underside of the box top. Or, if you’re like me and don’t want to snip them all, you can cut a piece of foam to size and glue it into place so nothing inside the box gets poked by the tack ends.
Enjoy your pretty new storage!