small wooden or cardboard box

hot glue gun

black spray paint

spray primer (if you’re using plastic or glossy items that are more difficult to spray paint)

an assortment of objects (Objects should be no larger than the size of your box. We chose a collection of items from our local dollar store, but this is also a wonderful opportunity to recycle old, unused objects or to have some fun dumpster diving!)
1. This really couldn’t be simpler: glue your objects, however you see fit, into your box using your hot glue gun. The more space you use and the more dynamic your composition, the better!
2. Spray paint it! You might need to apply a few coats to get everything covered. If you’re painting over shiny metals, plastics or any other material that doesn’t readily accept spray paint, you might want to coat your piece with a spray primer before applying your final spray paint color. Take your time with the spraying, and be sure to get deep inside all the nooks and crannies of your piece!source.
3. Pop a string on the back of your box and hang it on the wall! Presto — your own handmade Nevelson art!