wooden Eggs*

plastic Eggs

paint brushes

Mod Podge



gold/copper/silver leaf and adherent




letter stickers

craft glue

*You can use real eggs for these projects, but we used different eggs for techniques that required a firmer hold.
Egg 1 (Max’s String Eggs): With a string or yarn of your choice, begin by tying a large knot at the end. Adhere this knot to the bottom of your egg with hot glue. Then cover half of the egg, from bottom to center, with Mod Podge. Spiral your string from the knot around the egg until you reach the center. Cut your string, and glue the end down with hot glue. Repeat all steps from the top to center until the entire egg is covered.
Egg 2 (Crosshatch Eggs): One of our party guests came up with this beautiful yet simple technique. Simply create light crosshatch lines with a black crayon. You could also use the wax crayon to create a pattern and then dye over it.
Egg 3 (Grace’s Initial Egg): This is a simple egg that requires only a sticker and paint. I placed my initial sticker on the egg, painted copper paint on top and then removed the letter after the paint dried. You can use an X-Acto knife if it’s hard to get the corner of the sticker up.
Egg 1 (Amy’s Circle Eggs): Using Sharpie marker, Amy made tiny circles on the surface of her eggs. It takes time to cover the whole egg, but it’s worth it!
Egg 2 (Silka’s Copper Leaf Egg): Silka sprayed her egg with 3M fixative and then laid copper leaf on top. She used liquid gold leaf adherent to fill in any patches and covered them with copper leaf.source
Egg 3 (Silka’s Silver Leaf Egg): Silka used masking tape to cover a portion of her egg, then she sprayed the rest with spray fixative and attached the silver leaf on top. Once it had fully dried she peeled off the tape.
Egg 4 (Grace’s Egg Necklace): Using a small needle and thread, I poked holes on either side of three button quail eggs. I strung the thread through them and knotted the string at the top. Then I covered a small quail egg in marker circles (using Amy’s technique above), pulled the string through and knotted it on each side to hold it in place. Then I knotted the string at the end to create a necklace! A more elaborate version would make a great wall hanging.