Best Planter

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-Old Wooden box or drawer (preferably one with wider or split slats in the bottom so there’s some drainage)




-Moss (optional)

-Plastic liner (optional)
1. Clean the wooden box with a damp cloth.
2. Pour about 1 inch of rocks into the bottom of the box and spread them evenly. *

3. Add 2 inches of soil and mark with your finger where you plan to place each plant, leaving at least a few inches between each one.

4. Dig a small divot for the first plant and place it in, adding soil around the sides.

5. Repeat for each plant and then fill with soil until each plant is well supported and covered.

6. I added a moss layer on top of my soil, tearing pieces to fit around each plant, leaving room for me to water around the center of each plant,source.

7. Once you’ve finished planting, water each plant directly at the base of the stems. If you over water, be sure to let the planter dry out before adding more. Place in a sunny spot and you’re done!