10 mini terracotta pots

blue, black, and white paint

paint brush

8′ of large chain

10 small chain links (small enough to fit through the hole in the bottom of the pots)


2 sets of pliers

1. Mix up four or more shades of blue by adding a small amount of black to the blue paint for the darkest shade and varying amounts of white for the lighter shades.
2. Give each of of the mini terracotta pots a couple of coats of one of the shades of blue. With four shades, I painted three pots in the lightest shade, two pots in each of the two middle shades, and three pots in the darkest shade.

3. Divide the large chain into 11 equal lengths. To separate a chain link, grip a set of pliers on either side of the link’s opening. Rotate your wrists in opposite directions to push one end of the link away from you and the other end towards you. Separate the ends just enough to slip an adjoining link off. If you’ve ever done any jewelry-making, it’s the same technique with just a little more elbow grease. You will use this same technique to detach the 10 small chain links you’ll need to assemble the rain chain.

4. Assemble the chain by slipping one one small chain link through the hole in the bottom of each pot and attaching a length of the large chain on either end of each small link. Close each link by reversing the technique used to open them. Hang your completed rain chain wherever it will get a decent amount of rain during the next storm, and enjoy.